Thursday, August 27, 2015

#Harper Cruise

It's been one year since the last #Harper Cruise and the last time I saw #Taryn #Smerecki #wedding planner, and not like I didn't know there was a chance I would see her again this year. Last year I saw #Taryn #Smerecki face to face and she acted like I didn't exist, she is rude that way, she even told me she ignored me on purpose.
This year as I walked the Harper route with my girlfriend, she saw a custom car she wanted a picture of, unfortunately it was at the floral shop the evil #Taryn #Smerecki #wedding planner works at, go figure. As my girl took the picture I turned to walk away and there was #Taryn #Smerecki #wedding planner with her sister and some friends.
She has the same attractive face that looks kind but hides the lying rude evil person inside, however in the past year I see she is either pregnant or has gained fifty pounds. I truly pray she is not pregnant such an awful person should never be allowed to have children.
On the bright side it was my girlfriends first car cruise and together we had a good time.
The #Harper #Cruise is still my favorite car cruise but sadly it does have that one dark spot in the path of an otherwise great car cruise.
Cruise on #Harper #Charity #Cruise!!!